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Let all you do be done in love. 1 Corinthians 16:14.
Let's get started!

We provide special attention to each and every couple with an ultimate goal to make sure your wedding day is nothing short of perfect!  In order to reinforce this mission, we generally do not accept more than one event per weekend.

Wedding Day Investment

Our couples classically invest approximately $250 per person, so, for a wedding expecting 100 guests, we would suggest a starting budget of $25,000 which will cover all of the essentials. 

Luxury Black Tie Experience

For a luxury, black tie experience, we suggest a starting budget of $400 per person.

Microweddings and Minimonies

If you plan to have a wedding with less than 50 guests (microwedding) or a wedding with less than 10 guests (minimony), we individually price our services to fit your intimate event.  

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Eventfully Chic by Parris 

Certified Wedding Planner

Serving Couples Getting Married

in South Carolina

Tel: 803-312-3816

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