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Meet Parris 

Hello again! I'm thrilled to welcome you to my little corner of the wedding planning world. Allow me to introduce myself and share my passion for crafting unforgettable weddings, one beautiful love story at a time!

I'm Parris, a dedicated and detail-oriented certified wedding planner with a deep appreciation for effective communication. For me, weddings are more than just an event; they're a celebration of love, commitment, and the start of a beautiful journey together. It's an honor to be a part of such a significant milestone in couples' lives.

With over a decade of event planning experience under my belt, I have dedicated more than half of that time to the art of creating dream weddings. Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of witnessing the incredible power of careful planning and seamless execution in making dreams come true. The joy on the faces of couples and their loved ones is truly priceless.

In 2018, I experienced my own magical journey when I got engaged to my amazing husband, Joe. As we embarked on the adventure of planning our own wedding, I realized the value of having a dedicated professional by your side. I poured my heart and soul into creating a day that perfectly reflected our love story, and it was a transformative experience.

My family is my anchor, and they inspire me to maintain a healthy work-life balance. I am blessed with a pre-teen bonus son named Liam, an adorable 2-year-old daughter named Cora, and our mischievous husky, Bamboo. They are the light of my life, which is why I prioritize maintaining availability during normal business hours and safeguarding evenings to be fully present with them. 

Balancing the excitement of my weekly work commitments and weekend events keeps most days bustling with activity and purpose. But ah, Mondays!  Mondays are typically my cherished 'weekend,' dedicated to the essentials of life: meal planning, tackling laundry, managing finances, and all the little tasks that ensure a smooth week ahead. 

I firmly believe that miscommunication is often the root cause of conflicts, both big and small. That's why I place great emphasis on effective communication with my clients. Overcommunication is the key to success in bringing your vision to life. By truly understanding your dreams, desires, and unique love story, I can create a wedding experience that surpasses your expectations and leaves you with cherished memories for a lifetime.

When you choose to work with me, you're not just hiring a wedding planner; you're welcoming a trusted confidante, a reliable advocate, and a meticulous planner into your journey. I'm here to guide you through every step, offer creative solutions, and ensure that no detail goes unnoticed.

I invite you to explore my website further and get a sense of my style, approach, and past work! If you're looking for a passionate wedding planner who values clear communication, attention to detail, and the magic of unforgettable celebrations, I would be honored to be a part of your special day.

Feel free to reach out for a consultation by completing the form on the Connect page, and let's embark on this incredible journey together. Together, we'll transform your dreams into a breathtaking reality!


Meet Jennifer

Jennifer is our lead coordinator and is truly the rock to our roll! 


Jennifer joined the team in 2021 and immediately became an event vendor favorite.  On wedding day, she moves passionately, is quick on her feet, and lives in the moment, while also maintaining an incredible gift to make anyone and everyone belly laugh!


Whether she is assorting escort cards, perfectly placing linens, giving an honest opinion on if this looks better this way or that way, or carrying your delicate train and veil just above the ground to the edge of the aisle, Jennifer leaves no box unchecked and her goal is to make sure your wedding day is memorable!  


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Turning a Vision
into Reality

Parris is passionate about helping other brides create the same magic she experienced planning her own wedding.  

Planning with a Purpose

Parris is very passionate about giving back to the community.  She formerly held the position of Executive Events Director with a 501c3 non-profit charity that collectively donated into the multi six-figure mark to a number of local charities. 

In continued efforts to support the community, following each wedding with Parris, she sends a personal note and monetary donation to the newlywed's charity of choice along with a wedding photo of the couple.    

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PC:  Cam North Photography 

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A bride isn't just a client, she's a friend for life.

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